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Soooo, with the rash of wrecked BMWs of late, posting this seems somewhat risible. However, I too started 2008 off with a bang.

It was a typical Saturday morning, so I decided to do some grocery shopping. However, the simple task of merging onto Allen Pkwy, something I've done at least 3 times a week for the past 6.5 years, took a turn for the worse when I ran over what, upon later inspection, turned out to be a patch of oil or hydraulic fluid. A sedate 35-40 MPH cruise suddenly became a violent 180 degree spin, the car sliding up the short curb onto the wet grass backwards and continuing on without any discernible loss of speed till it broadsided one of the concrete support pillars of I-45.

The impact pushed the drivers door about half way into my lap, trapping my left leg between the caved-in door and the lower bulkhead. The A-pillar and roof both buckled, shattering the driver's door window and most of the windshield. Both the driver's side impact and head protection airbags deployed. After the dust and shards of glass cleared, I managed to wriggle my leg free and crawl out the passenger door. I don't have any pics of the wreck, but 35-40 MPH seems like a fairly leisurely pace till you collide with a solid, stationary object of significantly greater mass. Considering the scale of the crash, I managed to emerge relatively unscathed. I suffered some heavy bruising and lacerations on the back of my left hand from the head protection airbag (the impact of which was so violent that the steering wheel rim was inverted from the 9:00 to 12:00 positions. I'm amazed that it didn't break my hand) and some more lacerations above my left elbow from the side impact airbag.

As one would expect, my insurance company totaled the car and, after two weeks of wrangling with both them and CapitalONE, I got a fairly generous settlement check. Having been handed a bucket a lemons, I decided to make some Limoncillo. I entertained getting a 911 (997s are too $$$, don't like the 996 front end and I'd rather set a 993's interior on fire than sit in it) or a CaymanS (Gheyman!), but in the end decided to stick with what I know.

So, please pour a 40 on the curb for my fallen *****

and say hello to my new Honky

2006 M3 Competition Pkg
10,035 miles
pretty much loaded

The quicker steering rack, re-tuned suspension and compound brakes from the Competition Pkg are a noticeable improvement over the stock car. Where the stock suspension had very harsh impact responses to small bumps and tended to pogo about on undulating roads, the new suspension keeps the car hunkered down and smooths out the impacts from sharp bumps, despite being ~10% stiffer. The quicker steering gives the car a more solid feel without being darty and the compound brakes are hella-strong, if a bit grabby. My only gripe so far is the clutch, which is not as progressive as the one in my M5 and has too much pedal travel. So far, 1->2 shifts have not been very smooth as I'm trying to get acquainted with the clutch take-up and release points.

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Sh1t, poor *****.:sad1:

Congrats on the new Silvery thing you got yourself there.

Please be safe.:M5thumbs:
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