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Was at the San Antonio BMW Center yesterday having my E30 M3 looked over and saw the tragic results of a transporter accident. The 4th M5 to arrive in San Antonio was on the lower level of the transporer awaiting the cars on the upper level to be removed when the mechanism holding the upper level up failed. Crunch. New M5 had the rear window blown out, the top of the roof severely creased and compressed, and the trunk crunched. Buyer no longer wants it--BMW NA still trying to decide whether to send the car back to the factory or have repairs done in the US. I asked if they would take $60,000 on the spot--no luck. Insurance will take a while to settle. Major bummer on the car...
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I thought these cars were transported in enclosed trucks!
barry, i agree. mine came in an enclosed truck, and my dealer said they get all their cars shipped that way. anyway, too bad for the poor guy who ordered the car i guess.
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