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Funny seeing its the 1st of April!!!

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BMW usually do something for the 1st.

I thoroughly enjoyed the in-car oven from a few years ago.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the in-car oven from a few years ago.
Speaking of such things..:hihi:
Let me take you back almost exactly 10 years.
To a time when Aston Martin had not been completely Ford & Jaguarised.
There was still an element of the small team ( Skunk works) approach to
The Build, test & development process.

A Eur Eng came to us with an on paper fantastic track record & resume.
He was given responsibility for the Automatic transmission cooling variant
of the V12 DB7, Coupe & Volante.

It soon became obvious that although he was with us in body, the lights were
on but no one was in !
But we we were all very busy holding our own end of the log so...
I got the unenviable task of build support supervisor for Powertrain for vehicle proto
The chaps on the PT build stations were sceptical of this new V12 & its repeatability in build.
I tried to win them over & took a different tact to the other supervisors.
I wore a work shop coat & overalls instead of white collar & had my tools
next to theirs.
We scrapped our knuckles together so we refined build process together &
that sorted the manual variants.

Then the Auto's came down the line.
Right on the day when Bob Dover, our Cheif Exec ( read effin brilliant Engineer) was
prowling on the lines.
All the trans cooling pipes would not fit & what did fit blocked all the cooling
gurney flaps in the bumper bar so radiated engine heat could soak the
cooling pack.
Our cars had to be taken out of line sequence & I was asked to find out why & fix it today.
I went back to the Engineer.
He blamed Bundey, the pipe supplier...hmmmm.
I started looking through the 3d cad layout files on the quiet.

You know what the dick had done....
He had run the Auto trans cooling tubes down the transmission tunnel on
the passenger compartment side of the steel work.:1zhelp:

This chap had invented the worlds first "In-car heated towel rail":hihi:

I laugh at it now:hihi:


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