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i know it's not directly m5 related (might be at some point though) but thought i'd share my first impressions on this car.

my wife's saab is dying and this afternoon we went out to look at infinitis. they had an m45 sport in the showroom which we sat in for a while and then drove a base m35. i have to say they've done a fantastic job on the car. it's attractive and it might be the nicest car interior i've ever been in (well except maybe for my buddy's bentley conti gt). the sport interior is really nice with the metal trim and the level of amenities (if you like technology that is seemlessly implemented) is really good.

we couldn't drive the m45 as someone else was taking it out so we took out the m35. while no m5 i was pretty impressed with the handling and imagine it would be even better with the sport. my only complaint was that the steering was quite light and without the great feel of the m5 (or other bmw's). i think the steering of the sport is different but we didn't get the chance to drive it.

well my wife was impressed but isn't interested in the car as she feels it's 'too much car for me'. she's more low key on the car front. i am going to drive the m45 sport soon. it may be sacriledge but it's the first car i've seen that i would consider trading my m5 for, at least at any reasonable price point. i know it's not the same but it might be a lot of fun and i love some of the technology in there (some i wouldn't bother with)...

anyway, bmw has some real competition on their hands with these cars...more power, much nicer interior, better dealer experience, more reliable and cheaper. the driving is not quite there (although it's not fair to compare my m5 to the base m35) and the 'breeding' isn't the same but i'm happy to see more cars like this in the mix.
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