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I've searched here, on and on and have not been able to figure out why my nav computer REFUSES to read any OS update disc I put into it. I'm in IT, so I know how to burn an image to disc, it's not that, trust me. I've tried diffrent versions of the OS images, I've tried diffrent media from diffrent manufacturers, everything.

Does anyone know if the MKII's are sensitive to reading burned discs? Has anyone here successfully updated a MKII before?

Any help would be appreciated!


>As a side note, if anyone has a link to an updated NAVTEQ disc image for Canada, it would be much appreciated.
Ok, I know you are in IT, but did you use the correct ISO mode? One of the MK units required ISO2 instead of ISO1.

Other than that question the only advice I can offer is that the older units are very very very sensitive to media - I can only suggest you use a different brand of CD and keep trying...


ps. As for Navteq images, posting a link would, of course, violate international copyright laws and get Gustav in trouble. You might try posting this question over at
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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