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Orange bulbs

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Does anyone know a part number for orange front indicator bulbs.

BMW only list white ones for the front, they gave me some they though would fit, but they don't!!!


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You need parallel offset pins for the front (and rear) indicator bulbs - the more modern cars use orange indicator bulbs with offset-pins (the reason being to stop clear bulbs being fitted in error) - which are probably the ones the BMW Dealer gave you - and won't fit, unless you're prepared the ram them in - and then you'l never be able to remove them without breaking the bulb.

Have you though about using Silver Bulbs that flash orange ? - I use Philips 'Silvervision' Bulbs - they look silver when not illuminated and stop the 'fried-egg' effect that orange bulbs give when used with clear lenses.

You can get Silvervision Bulbs from - they're not cheap at around £15 -per-pair that I paid a few years back, but they definately look at lot better when used with clear indicator lenses.

Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to ensure you order bulbs with parallel-offset pins !
Hi mate,

Are you talking these??

Philips Silver Vision PY21W

How's your motor going?

Hi Steve,

They're the ones. - make the clear lenses look totally white - nice.

Car's going O.K. - I'm replacing the Front Disks & pads (again) next week - I warped them at the track day.

The parts have arrived at William Jacks' BMW in Sunningdale - just got to go and pick them up first...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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