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I know that strobing LED angel eyes has been done to ***** and I have just spent 40 minutes trawling through the FAQ and search. One person as far as I can see has reported the same issue as me and they were just referred to the search!

I have had LED angel bulbs in place of OEM for about ten months with no problems up to now. Who made them I don't know as they were second hand from good old ebay.
In the last couple of weeks the (UK) passenger side has been flickering constantly and I get intermittent check park light warnings. With the engine off and sidelights only they are both fine (therefore I assume bulb and connection are both OK). When the engine is idling the flickering occurs most. If I blip the throttle then it steadies for a second as the revs come back down through about 1k. I don't know for sure because its quite hard to stand in front of the car whilst I'm driving it (!!!!) but I don't get the warning when the engine is under load during normal driving, only when I pull up at lights or stop in a queue.
This is very frustrating. Does anybody have an idea of the cause?
If I can't sort it then I'll try putting manky old yellow OEM bulbs back I suppose :(
Thanks guys.
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