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Visit to a dealer late last year for an oil service and check the engine as it is a bit off key type request, I got the car back 2 days later with it doesn't need a service the blocks are up and see how you go - but the brake fluid was changed as due to be done. Don't get much time to drive it and less than 1000 mls later it went in last week to another main dealer - this time recommended.

Again I was asked if I wanted them to go with a full inspection as only 19k
miles and boxes up etc.

Car had got progressively worse, from cold very hestitant and when warm felt flat with no go in it. 3 hours after dropping it off I got the news !

Both air meters u/s, both oxy sensors off scale, air temperature sensor u/s
rear o/s wheel bearing noisy, pixels on dash missing so a new pod to be fitted, the light tapping noticed at 14000mls is now much deeper and that's
the Vanos - needs repairs, the real bugger is the front pads had just caught the disc so new pads and discs- Ouch ! but they have sensors -- yes but only on one pad and that pad didn't wear as badly, the caliper was sticking.
The engine management had a problem as well which would be sorted out
all under warranty !

19000 miles so far and thank God for the warranty - now best part of a grand a year but with parts costs on this visit to the dealer it has saved 3 or 4 times its price.

The best thing with this dealer is that they call and talk through the problems
and once they know that you understand the car it becomes a 2 way thing,
not some service manager nerd telling you that there is nothing wrong with the clutch - it doesn't slip around town at 30mph and why would you want to accelerate from 70 in 4th anyway as I had at 14k miles when I replaced it after having had the dealer inspect and then just return the car. The clutch was then replaced by a local specialist and was blue with heat where it had been slipping.

Very interested in the board notes on the UCC clutch as even the new one
feels awful and still stinks if you push it hard as .. yes, of course it slips.

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Sounds like they did a pretty good job finding the problems of the car. Good thing you have warranty.

While they are at it, ask them to check the rear swaybar mounts for tiny cracks, and check all rubber bushings for play (there should be zero play on all the suspension bushings). Also check the dampers.

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