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I went to dynotest today to check if my beast is finally working, after problems with O2 sensors and AFM's.

(By the way, my previous result was only 340hp with original AFM's, and the car still runned just fine and the OBC result was over 125L/H!!)

Yep, it did work. :) And we tested my friends M5 at the same time. Normally in this very same dynobench stock M5's have got results between 390-398hp and 500Nm.

I have 3" metallic race-cats, Supersprint X-pipe and rear mufflers, the Street "Magnum" Series. So it looks like the Supersprint cat-back and 3" Race-cats don't give any extra to horsepowers with stock software, but they really gave me some torque, as it was 542Nm now.

My friends M5 is same model year '99 and same setup except K&N air filter panels, and stock cats. Result was same 396hp and 522Nm, but maximum torque was at 4200rpm, as in my car it was 2990rpm! :eek:oohhh:

See it yourself, this is from my car:

I don't have my friends result to put it here, but something else I do have. Cover your eyes...YES, IT'S A JAPANESE CAR. :2:

This is from my first car which I bought when I turned 18. I built the engine for it, it was 170hp's stock. But check that torque curve and compare it to M5's one, damn! :biggrinbounce:

Beast does +400Nm of torque at 1500rpm, what about Nissan? See it yourself:

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