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OMG! I finally got my car back!!

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Finally picked my car up from the shop this morning. You probably all know of my EDC rebuild fiasco, due to which my car has been sitting at the shop since December `04. Well, after having to wait another week for a new oil level sensor, I finally got it back today. The new EDC setup is SWEEEEEEEET!! :wroom: It felt so nice to throw the car into turns with total confidence; without the front end kicking back through the steering as the dampers struggled to maintain pressure. Putting the EDC in 'S' mode made it feel like it was on rails. :flag: It was so nice I almost started crying as I drove to work. :1:

Now the details:
  • New EDC setup = :eek:
  • The single mass flywheel conversion is very nice. The engine definitely feels like it revs more freely. It's not a night-day difference, but it is definitely noticable. However, the revs now drop off faster than before and getting the car to roll away from a stop using just the clutch pedal is a bit trickier.
  • But that's not really a problem since I've got a beefier clutch now. The Sachs Power Clutch seems to have smoother engagement than the old OEM clutch. This may just be because it is brand new, though. However, since the Power Clutch has a higher torque capacity than the OEM clutch, it's time for :M5rev: :M5launch: m4d burn0utz, y0! :haha2:
  • The UUC DSSR really tightened up the shifter linkage. The worn out stock linkage made shifting a chore as it was sloppy, imprecice and the 1-2 shift was quite ragged. With the DSSR, the shifter path is much smoother and more direct :noSMG: and the 1-2 shift, while still heavier than the other gears, does not feel as yucky.
Gotta' keep looking at the bright side of things. :thumbsup:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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