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I currently drive a 98 540 6 speed with exhaust, and I must admit it moves pretty good.It takes Lexus's GS 400 by 2 cars easy. It was the fastest sedan before the 2000 M5 came out. I here alot of people talk about how great and fast the M5 is and then I hear people say that YES the car is fast but not crazy fast. Please if someone would or could compare the 540 with an M5. I ordered a 2001 Lemans Blue, and it should be available in mid November.Dont forget now I also had a 90 Mustang with a 125 shot of nitrous so I know what FAST is. Thanks
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The car is amazing. It is subtle - due to the variable valve timing, torque is quite high AND quite flat, all the way from under 2000 RPM. So you don't get a rush of acceleration after 5000, for example. But man does it pull. And pull, and pull and pull.

There are plenty of specs that talk about how fast it is - my site at has some of them.

But what most of us owners seem to agree upon is that the most impressive aspect is the car's acceleration above 80mph.

I can also tell you, as a former 540i driver, that it is much more connected to the road, especially at higher speeds. Handling is better due to lighter weight suspension components and of course, the meaty tires.

Is it fast enough for you? Only you can answer that.
I had the 540 6 before my m5 and yes there is huge speed and handling.IN my humble opinon there two different.
I went from a '99 540i/6 to the M5 and I also have a '95 M3. The 540 and M3 are very close to each other in straight-line performance. The M5 is significantly faster, no question.

I also had a 97 540i and even test drove a 1999 540i 6 before going to the M5. The power is significantly different if you can understand what it takes to get the 4200 LBS moving to 60 sub 5 seconds and yet have the top end that screams to 150MPH! You will be very impressed.
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