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Oil pump gasket replacement

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Hi guys. New to the forums here..apologies for my total lack of technical knowledge. Hoping you can fill in any obvious or less obvious gaps :)

I have a small engine oil leak and after inspection, the garage has said it's coming from the sump plug. I've been quoted for an oil change which includes replacing the leak-causing sump plug. Beyond that, they want to replace the oil pump gasket, at the cost of just over £500 including labour (separate from the cost of oil change/new sump plug)

My questions:
- Is £500 a bit expensive, given oil pump gasket part seems to be £50 or less online? Is there a lot of labour involved?

- Is replacing the oil pump gasket even necessary if the leak is coming from the sump plug? I haven't understood so far why it would need replacing if the sump plug is the cause of the issue.

I'm waiting for a call back on a breakdown of part vs labour costs, but any advice in the meantime to help me go into the conversation with them better educated is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Assuming they mean the electric scavenge pumps on the side of the oil pan, the labor is probably due to them quoting a subframe drop to replace them. I don’t know exactly how it is on the 6ers but on the E60 I’ve heard it’s possible, but difficult, to replace the gaskets with the subframe in place. I did mine at the same time as rod bearings and it was nice because I had the oil pan off.

I’d ask why they want to replace them too, since if they aren’t leaking it’s not like it’s a “while you’re in there” fix for the plug lol.
Considering oil filters come with new copper washers I'm thinking a stripped oil pan is possible.

Hope I'm wrong tho!
Thanks for the response guys.

They’ve specifically said it’s the sump causing the leak. The initial confusion is because their report mistakenly referred to the oil sump gasket as the oil pump gasket lol.

The current garage hasn’t been clear on why the gasket needs changing too when it’s the sump alone causing the leak. Going to have another garage who are more specialised check whether the gasket does need replacing too (as you mention it’s definitely not a “nice to do whilst we’re at it” with the larger labour cost of dropping the subframe.

No mention on the report of the oil pan it’s self being stripped though, so fingers crossed that is okay. Now just for the independent next garage to find if it’s the sump alone or the gasket too. Thanks all!
Yeah, big difference in job scope between a leak from the sump gasket or drain plug (assuming it’s just the crush washer and not stripped as flaco said).
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