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oil leak

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oil leak from timming chain cover gasket , it' s not actually that bad but after a while the oil will drop on to something hot and smell , sometimes it puff's out abit of smoke from under the bonnet . It can smell inside the car aswell !. The thing is I have done about 2000 miles since last oil change and the oil level has hardly dropped still just below full , so it can't be losing that much . Just wondering how easy it is to change ?.
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Dont worry about it, I have had the same thing on my car as well for about the past two years, I have been told it is coming out from a small rubber gasket type thing.
It doesn't happen all the time and I am not losing any oil. Remember it will only take a tiny drop to land on something hot like an exhaust manifold to make it smell.
keep an eye on your levels and all should be OK
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