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I went to change my oil the other day and took off the cover infront of the passenger tire, only to find the bottom of the cover had alot of oil and dirt, and there was oil all along the filter container.

I thought maybe the dealer was messy, whatever emptied it out replaced the filter and the o-ring but when I strarted the car the oil like squirted all out as the o-ring had a dimple or something in it...

So I put the old o-ring back in but thing time when started it just kind of sweats out of the seal very slowly. It stops sweating out after the car is warmed up.

Any ideas? I've never seena puddle of oil under the car before, but yesterday there was a small puddle in that corner maybe the size of half of a dollar bill.

I have an appointment with the stealer, hopefully I get it under warranty, It was obviously leaking like that before... I thought adding a quart of oil every 2 weeks was ALITTLE bit much... lol Though I do have a 45min commute 4 days of the week.

Anyone experience this problem before? What a horrible placement of the oil filter, if you get in a fender bender... there goes all of your oil spilling out!
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