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Oil Consumption

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The beast always seemed to be using alot of oil but when I asked my service people they were not concerned. Breakin period and all that. I now have 4700 miles and it is using about a quart every 600 miles. Before I make an appointment for service, any thoughts from the round panel?
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12/99 build, 10W-60W, no oil service, add oil when oil light comes on (in miles):

3100, 4200, 5150, 6700, 8300, 9200, 11000, 13025.

My average mi/L varies a lot based on how I drive, anywhere from 900 to 3000 (I followed
the break-in directions to a T on the trip home from the dealer (Edison NJ to Sunnyvale

I drove from NJ to CA just because the thought of hop'n on a plan to the dealer
and driving home sound like fun and as a side benefit getting all the break-in milage
done !!!

As for Sales Tax and CA reg ... I paid CA sales tax and DMV fees just like I'd bought
it at a local dealer but had a few hassels with the broker the NJ dealer used and as
a result had an almost one month period from when my NJ temp sticker expired til I had
a valid CA temp reg.

If I had it all over to do again I'd just get the Certificate of Origin and processed it
all myself: get a temp reg from CA before heading to remote dealer, file the papers
at the local DMV including paying CA state taxes and DMV fees.

Note, in either case you'll need to get your car smoged in CA.

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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