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Oil consumption – who pays?

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I was wondering, since "all regular service" is included in the purchase – who pays for all this extra oil? But then again, at $80k what's a few quarts? Please advise. Thanks guys, this site is especially useful for those of us that have 12-14 months to wait before we get behind the wheel of our own M5s.
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BMW's stance is they won't pay for oil between changes. I think this is wrong
because the car is under full maintenance.
It's pretty cheap on the part of BMW!
Check around, many dealers are topping up oil as part of the maintenance program. When I've had it done, I get a receipt for the oil showing it as being billed to BMW.

That's what "full" maintenance is all about. They also replace brake-pads, clutches, and windshield wipers when needed.

My dealer (East Bay BMW in Pleasanton, Calif.) supplied me with 2 quarts of the 10W-60 Castrol with delivery and indicated that this service would continue since you can't find the oil anywhere else. I have 2 other BMW's, a 740iL and X5, and their service has been excellent.
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