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Sorry guys I know this has been talked about many times before, and before you ask I have done a search but the thread I found has a fault with the pictures.
I have two green lights left and I know the oil service is next as the last was an inspection. I want to save a bit of cash and do it myself with the help of my dads mechanic who service's his range rover and has a hydrolic ramp. I will be ordering the oil from germany as it is cheaper, and getting the filter from BMW, however I need a bit of your help.
Could somebody give me a detail describtion of the correct procedure (which order to do things in) and some pictures of the the drain plug if possible. I already have the procedure for resetting the lights.

Many thanks.:M5thumbs:
Check out Usually has good information.

Oil change very easy.

1. Get oil, filter.

2. Remove filter from car with 32 mm wrench (if you don't know what the filter housing looks like, use your 32mm socket and find something that fits in the top of the engine--pretty certain it's the only thing on the engine top that uses a 32mm socket).

3. Raise car

4. Phillips screwdriver, open oil drain latch underneath car (dead center, it's a square in the underarmor).

5. Use 13 mm socket and loosen oil drain bolt. Have oil catch ready.

6. Drain oil.

7. When oil finished draining, flush about 2 liters of any good quality synthetic oil through system to clean.

8. Replace oil drain bolt and use new copper crush washer.

9. Lower car.

10. Clean oil filter housing.

11. Replace o-rings in oil filter housing, replace oil filter, close oil filter housing.

12. Fill with six liters of oil.

13. Lift car and check for leaks. If no leaks, close oil drain latch. Lower car.

14. Fill with remaining oil until dipstick shows full.

15. Start car, let run to operating temperature.

16. Stop car, check oil level. Fill if necessary (and it will be).

17. Dispose of old oil pursuant to local regulations.

18. Clean up.

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Indeed, as I discovered one of mine broken when I did my oil change last weekend. From RealOEM, it looks like about a .96 part, so I will get one and replace it.

I like the strap wrench idea.

If you order 105 of them, you can get free shipping from Pelican Parts. Plus I can give you a web certificate to get a porche coffee mug that looks like crap (but it's free!).
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