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Oil change

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Sorry guys I know this has been talked about many times before, and before you ask I have done a search but the thread I found has a fault with the pictures.
I have two green lights left and I know the oil service is next as the last was an inspection. I want to save a bit of cash and do it myself with the help of my dads mechanic who service's his range rover and has a hydrolic ramp. I will be ordering the oil from germany as it is cheaper, and getting the filter from BMW, however I need a bit of your help.
Could somebody give me a detail describtion of the correct procedure (which order to do things in) and some pictures of the the drain plug if possible. I already have the procedure for resetting the lights.

Many thanks.:M5thumbs:
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In the USA when you buy the filter from parts dep. it comes with rubber big o ring for oil filter and the copper o ring for the drain plug
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