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Official M-DCT price in Sweden and some disturbing news

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My dealer called me today and he just got the pricing for 2MK in Sweden. 38000 SEK (USD 5800!)

He did have some disturbing mail from BMW regarding the production, which was (and still is) set at week 14 (last week of March). The bulletin states that the build week can be delayed at any time. The exact build date won't be real until the car goes "red", ie, in production. So, BMW says you will know when you get the car once we build it!?

I am probably one of the first people to actually get the 2MK option added to my configuration. I wonder if that has helped at all...:crying:
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Ouch, that somekind of price! But they are smart: this is what they should have done for the BMW M5 for the start as well: earn money on the car or market it at a lower price with 6-speed manual in the start, for those who got "scared" of all the options.

After all, I really loved the 6-speed manual BMW M3 E92. Did you see the released videos so far Nisse:

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