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My name is Rob and I offer BMW Coding services in the NORFOLK/ HAMPTON / Virginia Beach Area. Text me at 7724106984 to make an appointment. I have already coded a few members m5's on this board.

Model Coverage:
BMW E87 -- (2004--present) 1 Series
BMW E90 -- (2005--present) 3 Series
BMW E91 -- (2005--present) 3 Series Touring/Sports Wagon
BMW E92 -- (2006--present) 3 Series Coupe
BMW E93 -- (2007-present) 3 Series Convertible
BMW E60 -- (2004--present) 5 Series
BMW E61 -- (2004--present) 5 Series Touring/Sports Wagon
BMW E63 -- (2004--present) 6 Series coupe
BMW E64 -- (2004--present) 6 Series convertible
BMW E65/E66 -- (2002--present) 7 Series
BMW E85/E86 -- (2003--present) Z4
BMW X5 and X6
BMW E70 -- (2007-present) X5
BMW E71 -- (2007-present) X6
BMW E83 -- (2004--present) X3

Frequently Asked Questions:
1) How does coding work?
coding is a fairly simple process. The coding is quick, efficient, and painless. I use
100% factory BMW tools to accomplish the coding. You can expect full functionality without any compromise whatsoever. Coding requires absolutely no physical modification to your vehicle, the features are accomplished via software coding only.
No changes will result in any error/warning lights, sounds, or messages.
2) Will coding void my warranty or cause any issues at the dealership?
Absolutely not. Being that I use 100% factory tools to perform these feature
activations -- to the dealer it looks as if your car left the factory floor already
equipped. The dealer can interact with your vehicle as if it were a stock car. All of the features I activate are factory options that did not come enabled. There is absolutely no risk involved, your vehicle would still be 100% safe. I have designed this coding system with multiple scenarios in mind, and after vigorous testing, it has my seal of approval for use around the world.
3) How long will the remote coding take?
The initial set up of the coding machine will take about 10 -- 15 minutes. Once I am connected to your vehicle coding time varies depending on the options
that are selected. For few options, the coding will take about twenty minutes. If you have a slew of options, the maximum you should expect the coding to take is roughly 45 minutes. From start to finish you are looking at roughly an hour maximum -- not bad!
4) What if I'm not sure about some options?
Feel free to call me or email me for further clarification. If you are unsure about
certain options, we can enable them for you to see if you like it. Chances are that
you will want it. If not, we can put it back the way it was. All of the coding I perform is 100% reversible and makes no permanent change to your vehicle. I also include a complimentary fault code reading of all of the modules in your car, and let you know any existing issues that it may have.
5) Navigation Retrofits / Combox Retrofits / BMW Connected Retrofits
Navigation system retrofits to the new version are available for 2008 and up
vehicles. For those with the 2009 CIC navigation system without Combox, the
Combox can be retrofitted to your vehicle. This will add Bluetooth streaming
capabilities amongst other features. The Combox retrofit is completely plug and play, and requires no wire cutting and soldering. 6NR connected drive retrofits areavailable for cars with specific software levels.

Coding List (E Series Chassis)

NEW: For e9x M3 and e6X M5 -- Euro M Dynamic Mode Traction Control!!

Airbag Related:
1) Turn off seatbelt chime for driver
2) Turn off seatbelt chime for passenger
3) RACE SEAT CODING (Remove MRS errors, enables MRS/SRS functionality)
4) Coding for those with roll cage, racing cars with removed airbags, etc..

Navigation Related:
1) Enable DVD in Motion (09 -- 12 Cars)
2) Disable iDrive "accept" message on startup
3) Turn off iDrive Fasten Belts Warning
4) Add a fuel stop suggestion option
5) Add DSC Off option to MDrive settings
6) Inband ringtone (pushes your phone's ringtone thru the cars system)

Car Access Related:
1) Rolling of windows and sunroof up with the key (holding lock)
2) Folding the mirrors with the key when you lock you r car (holding lock)
3) Automatic Unlock when key is removed / car is turned off (no double pull!)
4) Enabling Panic alarm as well as retrofitting the factory alarm system
5) Set the sunroof to automatically close when rain is detected
6) Allow opening/closing from the remote on vehicles with a motorized hatch
7) Allow the windows to move up and down even with door interruption
8) Turn off the headlight washing system when you clean your windshield
9) Allow the wipers to complete their cycle after the car is turned off

Lighting Related:
1) Factory Angel Eye Brightness Coding! Make it whiter and brighter! With halogen angel eyes, not applicable for led angel eyes
2) Euro corner delete:
a. Turn off amber corners when headlights are on
b. Turn off corner LED when headlights are on
3) Welcome light activations
a. Fading or Instant on for Angel eyes, corner lights, fog lights, rear fog
lights, rear tail lights, rear brake lights, parking lights, and LED's
4) Turn off inner/outer, or both daytime running lights on rear taillights
5) Make the emergency signals double blink when turned on
6) Remove light errors for aftermarket lighting, LED's etc
a. This will remove the flickering/pulsing as well, and the warnings.

Cluster Related:
1) Enable BMW Efficient Dynamics Display
a. This shows you two arrows in the instrument cluster, and tells you to
shift up or down and when to execute the shift for maximum fuel
economy. Only for 135/335 with manual transmission.
2) Turn off the annoying "key in ignition" gong
3) Add the digital velocity to Non-M cars (V=## mph)
4) Add instantaneous digital MPG to M cars
5) Remove the over optimistic correction to the digital speed display
6) Make the low fuel warning come on earlier or later (useful for M cars)

Text to make Appointment. 772-410-6984
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