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I am now posting this on M3cutters as there seem to be a good bunch of support there as well...anyway...

breaking down what he said...

"M Attributes...there are boxes that have to be ticked

1. M Rev Counter
2. Illuminated M gear knob
3. More supportive seat
4. Different steering wheel
5. Wider track width
6. Wheel Arch/Wheel relationship is perfect?
7. Neg Camber on rears
8. M exhaust
9. Throttle response should be distinctively M
10. Accurate M steering feeling linear at all speeds
11. Induction engine sound
12. Firm but compliant ride (no RFs)"

He points out some good distinctions, there is something special about an M I just never thought about it much until now.

Anyway - my opinion on this new one is that it looks really good and with that M fettled engine it should have some poke...we shall see.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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