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Nein! Das est sehr gut? ja? funfzig? wunderbar??? wer est da englisch
?????? (apologies to all german speakers, my german is pretty poor......)

eh? since my garage disconected and reconnected the battery, my OBC readout is in German, anyone know how to change it back to English????

Have to say it kind of goes with the fact that my odometer is in kms - makes it look more like an import!! (which I'm still not sure about - v5 says first reg'd in UK, and on BMW spec sheet car was built to GB spec, but definitely some interesting and curious history shown in the service receipts over 2 years after first reg, and only 700miles/kms on the clock, but had loads spent replacing all brake discs & pads, renewing toolkit, & lots of bits & pieces)

Anyway, I'm just concerned that the error reporting will now pop up in german so i won't know what my car is trying to tell me - have i left the lights on? is my oil low? which bulb is blown?
Uhr nicht das - eh what you say?....
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