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Not to be rude...

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If anyone is offended by this by all means flame, or have me killed or somthing. I was wondering about the ages of some of the posters/Owners on the E39 page. It would be upsetting if any of you were my age.(Hint. I can die for my country but I can't drink here).

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In addition to my last post. All the documents are legal, and the car is legally imported too...
Nothing has done to the cars nor documents, just that you will have easier time to pass customs if you have some influences....

Hope this solve your Qs....

Andy Kuo
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Ford is supposed to be coming out with yet another monster by 2002, which they plan to call the "Excessive".

The Typhoon was also limited purpose, but fast as all hell. I remember reading a review from one of the car magazines that said that it was faster than a Ferrari (forget which one) of that year up to 100 mph. But the payload, other than passengers, was not to exceed 500 pounds. They also recommended not to do any towing. One of friends had a beautiful white Typhoon, and boy was it quick!

Regular SUV's like the Excursion, Suburban, and Explorer types I fear for my life when they ride alongside me at 80 mph because I know one strong gust of wind in the hands of an inexperienced driver could spell disaster for someone like me in a puny car like the S4. Jeff L, the story is the same in any urban environment.

Kelvin told me that Frank Scordo with his Imola Red recently had a mishap with a pickup truck that did some good damage to his car when a loose part from the truck fell off and shot right through his floorboard. Thank goodness Frank is ok, but it could have been worse.

TWC, my Roadrunner was deadly fast for a car of its time and I remember its 425 horses very well, but I could also see the gas gauge literally move like a clock's hand when I raced it. I don't think 2-4 barrel carb's could possibly EVER be justifiable now. The big blocks of all makes were very respectable, which makes is all the more amazing when I see production cars now, like the M5, pushing out almost as much power from 5 liters or less. Remember Chevy's LS-6 (454 ci) with 450 HP? M5's are not far away from that.
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You were right about Typhoon. I think it was comparing to a Ferrari 348, and Typhoon beats it hands down...

So, Ford is so greed that it's kicking out another big SUV, as if the Excursion is not big enough??

Andy Kuo
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It irritates me that Mercedes advertises it's ML55 as the fastest SUV and it only does 0-60 in a little over 6 sec. My Typhoon with a Borla exhaust and K&N air filter as the only changes to stock probably turns it in just over 5 sec. and it's 7 years old. Unfortunately it rides like the truck that it is and I certainly enjoy driving the M5 more.

I think because Typhoon is no longer in production, that's why Mercedes claims so. Also, a Stock Typhoon maybe out run a ML55 from stop, ML55 will just dust Typhoon at higher speed....

Just my thoughts...

Andy Kuo
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I also think that Mercedes claim the ML55 is fastest production SUV in the US Market. I use to own a Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution which does 0-100km/h in a little under 7 seconds. But my engine was never modified and there are ones out there with just a modified computer, air filters and exhaust that goes from 0-100km/h in about 6 seconds. However, the car was only available in Japan and in RHD model only. And as Andy said, I'm sure the ML55 will be much faster at high speeds, since the Evolution was only capable of a 210km/h top speed because of it's awkward bodywork - it's drag cd was like 0.5
I don't know how your getting the '00 E55 out of the country given the MB dealers have you sign an ageement not to ship the car to any Asian country within a year.

The answer is simple, he probably heard about this importing stuff from others and made it up. This is just 1 flaw in his silly story.

Give it a rest, you couple of keystone cops. If you knew anything about importing and exporting cars in and out of Canada, you would know anything is possible. Unless you know the car business in Canada, keep your mouth shut. And yes it is possible to export a 2000 E55 to Asia or any other country.
Of course one can say anything is possible. You can't start an argument with that. But How?? (not small talk again, I hope)Perhaps u could share it with us? Or like u said: unleast u know anything about import/export, keep ur mouth shut.
Shoot, this really isn't how I wanted to go from being a junior member to full fledged member. But if you must know, Mercedes is not the only place to buy cars. Many leasing companies and automotive resellers buy cars as well and sell them new or slightly used, etc... It is a big problem for Mercedes, BMW, and actually all other manufacturers, but there really is little they can do to stop it. They get charge-backs, which can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, like my friend's dealership. It makes them very cautious when selling cars. Cars are much cheaper in Canada than they are in the U.S. and that is why the market is ripe for this. The dealer really can't hold you to keep the car in Canada, but they will "black-ball" you if you start exporting cars.
Hmmm... So that's how it was done yeh. I take back what I said and apologize for my rude comments.

Hm..I see, alot of things are going on behind my back....

Well, Outsider, Han just hit right on the point(and now you know how the E55 got away)....Mercedes dealers is not the only place to get Mercedes, and so as other brand of cars.

I have no problem about your comments, just to let you know that anything is possible...

Andy Kuo
Hans and Andy are right, it's easy to ship cars out of Canada.

Besides, the dealer only makes you sign a piece of paper promising not to ship the car outside of Canada within one year. The sheet does not mention specifically Asian countries or the US.

If I remember correctly, Andy said he would keep the car over a year, to reduce the Taiwanese import duties. So, even if he bought the car from an official dealer in Canada, it's totally legal. End of story.
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