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Not to be rude...

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If anyone is offended by this by all means flame, or have me killed or somthing. I was wondering about the ages of some of the posters/Owners on the E39 page. It would be upsetting if any of you were my age.(Hint. I can die for my country but I can't drink here).

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JonGhast, are you surprised that a girl would be more concerned about a cd than the car itself? Bet you it was a Bruce Springstein cd as well.

I'm also from NY, so does that mean I am also a prick? I guess all New Yorkers are pricks? Hmmmm...let me think that one over...

Hey TWC, the Pontiac Grand Prix 421 HO was a good car, but do you think you coulda taken my '68 Hemi RoadRunner back then? heh-heh-heh.....
Regarding your wife's stock options---they may be good as long as she doesn't have any restrictions on them and the market rebounds within the next few days, but I think (opinion) this correction will take a bit longer than some of the others we've seen.

Regarding the SUV's, they scare me. I read an article by Paul Newman (the actor who races cars)a while back, and he raised a pretty frightening issue---as the "yuppie" crowd gets older and kids start moving out of the house, there won't be any need for parents to own the SUV's and they'll start selling them off, and being that SUV's are the trend and probably will comprise a majority of vehicles on the road up to five years from now, think about which age group will be buying them the way you and I were buying the small sports cars---the 18-22 year olds. Think about how that age group tends to drive as well. Considering how many of the SUV's are being driven right now (tell me you don't have at least 1 bad experience with an SUV a month), it's not going to get any better.

Jeff L---I like your sarcasm---it has substance and I always look forward to your comments. The market will be presenting itself with some buying opportunities very soon, so if you have an intelligent broker (a rarity), you should be talking to him. Try checking out one of my favorite websites: "", to give you an idea of what is happening right now.

Also, check out Automobile Magazine May issue, which has a write-up on the Z8, as well as voting the M5 the best sports sedan built in the world for 2000, and a readers survey which says the same AND votes the S4 as the second best---heh-heh-heh....
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Yes, but what most people don't realize is that it takes a totally different driving technique in order to maneuver that elephant. I see more flipped over SUV's in the winter than anything else on the road. Ownership of this type of vehicle should require a different class license as well as some sort of driving course. Granted, you will suffer less damage to your car should one rear-end you, but is that comfort enough for you? It sure isn't for me.

When several M5's, myself and a 528 met up a few weeks ago, we were following a Toyota 4Runner that was trying to keep ahead of everyone and was trying his hardest NOT to let anyone pass him. On the curvy roads as well, mind you. Speeds approaching 80 miles an hour, and even in the twisties, the moron was leaning in so hard that we all thought he was going to lose it. What if he had, and there was an approaching car with a family out for a daytrip? If someone has an SUV, they should understand its purpose and limitations. I can't even begin to tell you or anyone else here the type of morons that drive in SUV's around NYC and adjoining highways, plus some of the speeds they try to attain...I can only imagine what you have out in California.
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Ford is supposed to be coming out with yet another monster by 2002, which they plan to call the "Excessive".

The Typhoon was also limited purpose, but fast as all hell. I remember reading a review from one of the car magazines that said that it was faster than a Ferrari (forget which one) of that year up to 100 mph. But the payload, other than passengers, was not to exceed 500 pounds. They also recommended not to do any towing. One of friends had a beautiful white Typhoon, and boy was it quick!

Regular SUV's like the Excursion, Suburban, and Explorer types I fear for my life when they ride alongside me at 80 mph because I know one strong gust of wind in the hands of an inexperienced driver could spell disaster for someone like me in a puny car like the S4. Jeff L, the story is the same in any urban environment.

Kelvin told me that Frank Scordo with his Imola Red recently had a mishap with a pickup truck that did some good damage to his car when a loose part from the truck fell off and shot right through his floorboard. Thank goodness Frank is ok, but it could have been worse.

TWC, my Roadrunner was deadly fast for a car of its time and I remember its 425 horses very well, but I could also see the gas gauge literally move like a clock's hand when I raced it. I don't think 2-4 barrel carb's could possibly EVER be justifiable now. The big blocks of all makes were very respectable, which makes is all the more amazing when I see production cars now, like the M5, pushing out almost as much power from 5 liters or less. Remember Chevy's LS-6 (454 ci) with 450 HP? M5's are not far away from that.
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