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Not to be rude...

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If anyone is offended by this by all means flame, or have me killed or somthing. I was wondering about the ages of some of the posters/Owners on the E39 page. It would be upsetting if any of you were my age.(Hint. I can die for my country but I can't drink here).

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If some young guy made some cash on the market and wants to buy an M5, nothing wrong wrong with that.

If his mom and dad bought it for him--well, I think there is a lot wrong with that but I have learned that many people think it is ok to buy your child a $70k car because they, for example, actually graduated from college. Such an accomplishment. To think the rest of us did because we wanted a decent job. Man, just think what my grades would have been like if there was an M5 as a reward.

I got into this discussion with some very young E39 540i owner at and essentially he told me his parents didn't want him to work at McDonalds while he was at school so they supported him. I guess the $15k used Acura Legend wouldn't suffice for a college kid so they bought him a $60k car. I think it is pretty basic really. The parents are so concerned about what other people think of them that they feel the car their child drives reflects on them. Am I totally off-base here?
Guys, no matter where the conversations lead, there is no need for four-letter words. Save those for the guy blocking the left lane.

This phenomenom of buying expensive cars for kids is strange. It does seem to be common with wealthy Asians as most young people on the web with very expensive cars are Asian. I know this may sound rascist but I think it is merely an observation or at worst a generalization. Any cultural insight would be interesting.

However, I do know of one very caucasian parent that bought his 16 year old daughter a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee because "she kept asking" and "all her friends were getting SUV's." I seem to remember trying to use the "but my friends..." technique often when I was a kid on my parents and remember always getting "but were not your friend's parents..." retort. Sound familiar for anyone else. I plan on using it on my kids.

My list of cars from 17 years old to the present:

1971 Datsun 510
1973 Datsun 510
Company cars (K-cars, Tempo, etc. bleh)
1978 Toyota SR5 Hatchback (law school ride)
1987 Golf
1989 325i
1991 M5
1994 Maxima
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One good thing about he market being down is that my wife's options priced low. I guess that is only good if the stock price goes back up. She works at Sanmina and their stock has done pretty well. Not 300% but then again they actually sell stuff and make money.
I actually think SUV's are more dangerous. When you tell an SUV owner that their car takes up to 50-70 more feet to stop from 70mph than our BMW's they look surprised. I usually say that although your car is heavy and provides protection in an accident, I am safer because I won't be in the accident. I have driven an Expedition and nothing about the car made me feel safe, too high, unstable and cumbersome.
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