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Not to be rude...

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If anyone is offended by this by all means flame, or have me killed or somthing. I was wondering about the ages of some of the posters/Owners on the E39 page. It would be upsetting if any of you were my age.(Hint. I can die for my country but I can't drink here).

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Getting back to the original inquiry, I quess I must be the only old codger checking out this web site. I came across this site shortly after putting a deposit on an M5 in Jan. '99. It has been interesting to read the comments on what I believe is a most remarkable car.
I started driving in the late 60's muscle car era (I'm 50) and always wanted a fast car. While working my way thru college I bought a '64 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 421 HO 4-speed and a .411 rear-end. Unfortunately, one week before I was married at age 20, the car was totalled when hit broadside by a bus. It wasn't until 1986 that I could afford another fast car and bought a Porsche 928. I subsequently got a '93 Typhoon (a 285 hp turbo charged SUV 0-60 in <5.5sec if your unfamiliar) and later a '95 Porsche 911 cabriolet, and a restored '65 Corvette.
My need for speed has not waned and so when I needed a new family car I just couldn't settle for a slow vehicle. Fortunately, my longsuffering wife allowed me yet again to get the car I wanted. The M5 is the ultimate, combining the comfort and smoothness of a luxury car with the speed and handling of the best sports cars. Sorry for my senile rambling but I enjoy extolling the virtues of the M5.
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In regard to SUV's, they should make them along the lines of my limited production '93 GMC Typhoon. It has a lower suspension,, unbelievable acceleration,fulltime AWD for winter driving, and room to carry things when necessary. It's made for the highway driving enthusiast and not the off-roader (not that many SUV owners go off-road anyway). I've been waiting for a similar vehicle to be produced to replace the Typhoon.
Roman, your '68 hemi RoadRunner would have been too much for my Prix, especially after my tri-power melted and I could only afford a big 4-barrel as a replacement.
It irritates me that Mercedes advertises it's ML55 as the fastest SUV and it only does 0-60 in a little over 6 sec. My Typhoon with a Borla exhaust and K&N air filter as the only changes to stock probably turns it in just over 5 sec. and it's 7 years old. Unfortunately it rides like the truck that it is and I certainly enjoy driving the M5 more.
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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