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Not to be rude...

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If anyone is offended by this by all means flame, or have me killed or somthing. I was wondering about the ages of some of the posters/Owners on the E39 page. It would be upsetting if any of you were my age.(Hint. I can die for my country but I can't drink here).

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What about the '00 E55 and 500E and the C43 that you mentioned (in the E55 vs M5) you sent back to Taiwan? Don't you include those cars as currently owned vehicles?
Originally posted by akry:
I am 20, and the only BMW I have owned was 1988 520i, 320i, and 1992 850i. Owned only Mercedes and couple Porsche afterward..

Now, only have
1992 Mercedes 400SE
1993 Nissan 240SX SE(just sold the week before
1993 Grand Cherokee Limited
1988 Suzuki Forsa(Swift)Turbo(my daily commuter..

Andy Kuo
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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