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Not my year - fuel hose came of tank

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It doesn't seem to be my year :(

First Michelin stops producing the rear wheel tyres, then my water pump breaks and now the fuel hose came of the tank ....

Got home tonite, smelling fuel and when I looked underneath the car, there was a big puddle of fuel right underneath the tank. Nearly spun the car aswell on the last left hand turn - I guess fuel spilled in front of the real wheel which caused it to slip.

But here the good news - the German mobility service from BMW is great. I called Munich and they send out a service man at 7.00 p.m. to my home. It took him a minute to find the mistake - fixed the problem and handed me the bill for 0 (in words zero) Euro and off he was some 30 minutes later. That's what I call service !!!!!!!!!

Cheers, Alex

N.B. Thats why we only have two BMW's left, no other brand will do.
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