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Not M5 related, but still fast...

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The guys that built my white Supra leases a building from me right behind my office. They have two Supras they built to drag race. One is a automatic drag car that runs [email protected] and a 6 speed "street" Supra that I drive for them. This car still has a/c full interior, stock transmission, stock rear end and axles. As much fun as I have road racing, driving this car down the 1/4 is still fun..

We have a big Supra meet in 3 weeks, so we took the Supra back to the track on Thursday for some testing. I had not been in the car since last year, but ran I 8.90 right off the trailer. The track was not good at all, best 60ft. was 1.42, my previous was 1.35 but the car is making more power now. My previous best was [email protected] with better conditions. I'm hoping I can get this thing to run in the 8.50s..6 speeds are fun!!

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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