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Norcal to Socal event 8/20/05
<HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->This is an idea to have the Norcal groups meet up with the Socal group for a weekend. For all those who are in Norcal we can go down and make a weekend out of it.

Hotels are about 70 + a night.

Meeting at
1170 veteran ave, los Angeles
UCLA lot 36.

I'd say meet at 12:00 as suggestion then go for the drive. Below is what the Socal group suggested.

If you guys leave NoCal at around 6am, and take I5 all the way down, you'll be here between 12 and 1pm for a meet and lunch hang.

At about 3pm we can go for a killer 2-3 hour run along the best and finest roads in the Malibu mountains, trust me (us) it'll be the best ride you ever took.

Preliminary route:
UCLA to 405 to 10 up PCH all the way to either Kanan Road, or if we want the whole treat, all the way to to where Mulholland Highway begins. This is a cool oceanview leg for about 30 min.

Entering Mulholland Highway, we'll have fun on the greatest curves ever and smooth asphalt, going south towards Calabasas. (30min)

We get to Stunt Road, hands down THE greatest road EVER to go driving in LA County period, and I mean performance driving. Stunt Road takes us all the way to the top of the Malibu Ridge with 360 degree views from the desert all the way to Catalina Island (on a clear day), quite a treat. 30 Min with time to park, chill and enjoy the view.

Leaving the view spot we descend on yet another amazing drive down Piuma Road which drops us downhill into Malibu Canyon, thru some very wicked turns mind you. (15 Min)

Once down in Malibu Cyn, we can either go back to PCH and head south (backtracking) , or get back on Mulholland Highway and head towards Topanga and the San Fernando Valley for drinks, snacks, photos etc.....

The sun sets about 8pm so we should have a full afternoon to enjoy the roads and scenery.

Myself and a few other friends (incl hifiguy) have done this run many times, and as hosts for our NoCal friends, who are taking ther drive all the way down here, there is no question that this run is without a doubt the best we have to offer!

The second option would be Angeles Crest Highway but it is a lot further for everyone and it's way busier and also shorter...
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