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Good morning,

New member starting up. Bought a 2008 black-on-black M5 a few months back, 28k miles. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Right off the bat had a problem with "high battery drain", to the point where time/date were resetting and car was struggling to start. Brought the car in twice but dealership couldn't figure it out. Went to this board and searched through and somebody had posted about an after-market "Lo-Jack" draining the battery. Brought the car in, and sure enough, the previous owner had one installed and the dealership didn't know about it. They removed it (I had the option of keeping it in - I don't know what prices are in the U.S., but the firm here, called Boomerang, wanted $1200 a year to monitor the thing!) and I'm sailing smooth.

Sailing smooth, of course, is relative in Edmonton in the winter. We've had 2 feet of snow in the last two weeks. The M5, after I slapped on some Sottozeros, has turned into quite a capable winter car. Wife and I have an 06 X5 4.4 as well, which is our main winter driver, but I take the M5 out as much as I can. I bought right before the winter figuring the dealer would be really motivated to get rid of it, and they were. Just have to wait until spring now...

Anyway, sorry for posting my life story. Any other Edmonton members around?
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