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No iBright Angel Eyes for me

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I'm based in South Africa so instead of shipping in a set of V3's , I asked a good friend of mine based in Ft Lauderdale to pick me up a set and bring it over on his next visit.

He bought me a set about 2 months ago, with the plan to fly into SA this week. So he arrives yesterday with the units safey stowed in his luggage.
Gets to his hotel last night, but units are missing from his bag along with a bunch of his personal effects:grrrrr:.

Some thieving bastards at Johannesburg international airport have helped themselves to my lights:mad:.

So it looks like my OEM set up stays for now.
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Sorry to hear that man.
I did the same thing with my projector39's but thank God they got here O.K. I guess those were too big to hide.
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