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Thought i'd pass this on, may be of interest to those running factory plugs.

Ebay seller is selling 8x NGK BKR6EQUP for £36.95+£1.90 P+P.

Their listings are for X5 and 735 and contain only the NGK 3199 number, hence why they are a little harder to find, but these are the same plugs as used in the S62.

Hope that helps somebody.


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Cheers Ben. I've not long changed my plugs but its handy to know that the 735/X5 plugs correspond with the S62 also. Cheapest i got them from was ebay at about £47 delivered

Out of curiosity where/what is the 3199 number????

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They also happen to fit the following models :) :

E30: Details on E30
E30 316i Touring, Europe
E30 316i 4 doors, Europe
E30 316i 2 doors, Europe
E30 318i Convertible, Europe
E30 318i Touring, Europe
E30 318i 4 doors, Europe
E30 318i 2 doors, Europe
E30 318is 2 doors, Europe

E31: Details on E31
E31 850Ci Coupé, Europe
E31 840Ci Coupé, Europe
E31 840i Coupé, Europe

E32: Details on E32
E32 750i Saloon, Europe
E32 750iL Saloon, Europe
E32 730i Saloon, Europe
E32 730iL Saloon, Europe
E32 740i Saloon, Europe
E32 740iL Saloon, Europe

E34: Details on E34
E34 518i Saloon, Europe
E34 518i Touring, Europe
E34 518g Touring, Europe
E34 530i Touring, Europe
E34 530i Saloon, Europe
E34 540i Saloon, Europe
E34 540i Touring, Europe
E34 520i Touring, Europe
E34 520i Saloon, Europe
E34 525i Touring, Europe
E34 525i Saloon, Europe
E34 525ix Saloon, Europe
E34 525ix Touring, Europe

E36: Details on E36
E36 316i Saloon, Europe
E36 318i Saloon, Europe
E36 320i Touring, Europe
E36 320i Coupé, Europe
E36 320i Convertible, Europe
E36 320i Saloon, Europe
E36 323i Saloon, Europe
E36 323i Touring, Europe
E36 323i Coupé, Europe
E36 323i Convertible, Europe
E36 323ti Compact, Europe
E36 325i Saloon, Europe
E36 325i Coupé, Europe
E36 325i Convertible, Europe
E36 328i Coupé, Europe
E36 328i Convertible, Europe
E36 328i Touring, Europe
E36 328i Saloon, Europe
E36 316g Compact, Europe
E36 316i Touring, Europe
E36 316i Coupé, Europe
E36 316i 1.6 Compact, Europe
E36 318i Touring, Europe
E36 318i Convertible, Europe
E36 318is Saloon, Europe
E36 318is Coupé, Europe
E36 318ti Compact, Europe
E36 316i 1.9 Compact, Europe

E38: Details on E38
E38 750i Saloon, Europe
E38 750iL Saloon, Europe
E38 750iLP Saloon, Europe
E38 750iLS Saloon, Europe
E38 L7 Saloon, Europe
E38 730i Saloon, Europe
E38 730iL Saloon, Europe
E38 735i Saloon, Europe
E38 735iL Saloon, Europe
E38 740i Saloon, Europe
E38 740iL Saloon, Europe
E38 740iLP Saloon, Europe
E38 728i Saloon, Europe
E38 728iL Saloon, Europe

E39: Details on E39
E39 520i Touring, Europe
E39 520i Saloon, Europe
E39 523i Touring, Europe
E39 523i Saloon, Europe
E39 528i Touring, Europe
E39 528i Saloon, Europe
E39 535i Saloon, Europe
E39 540i Saloon, Europe
E39 540i Touring, Europe
E39 540iP Saloon, Europe
E39 M5 Saloon, Europe
E39 525i Touring, Europe
E39 525i Saloon, Europe
E39 530i Touring, Europe
E39 530i Saloon, Europe

E46: Details on E46
E46 320Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 320i Touring, Europe
E46 320i Saloon, Europe
E46 323Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 323Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 323i Saloon, Europe
E46 328Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 328i Saloon, Europe
E46 328i Touring, Europe
E46 316Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 316i 1.6 Saloon, Europe
E46 316i 1.9 Saloon, Europe
E46 318Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 318i Touring, Europe
E46 318i Saloon, Europe
E46 320Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 325Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 325Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 325i Saloon, Europe
E46 325i Touring, Europe
E46 325ti Compact, Europe
E46 325xi Touring, Europe
E46 325xi Saloon, Europe
E46 330Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 330Ci Coupé, Europe
E46 330i Saloon, Europe
E46 330i Touring, Europe
E46 330xi Touring, Europe
E46 330xi Saloon, Europe
E46 316i Saloon, Europe
E46 316i Touring, Europe
E46 316ti Compact, Europe
E46 318Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 318ti Compact, Europe

E52: Details on E52
E52 Z8 Roadster, Europe

E53: Details on E53
E53 X5 3.0i SUV, Europe
E53 X5 4.4i SUV, Europe
E53 X5 4.6is SUV, Europe

E60: Details on E60
E60 520i Saloon, Europe
E60 525i Saloon, Europe
E60 530i Saloon, Europe
E60 545i Saloon, Europe

E61: Details on E61
E61 525i Touring, Europe
E61 545i Touring, Europe

E63: Details on E63
E63 645Ci Coupé, Europe

E64: Details on E64
E64 645Ci Convertible, Europe

E65: Details on E65
E65 730i Saloon, Europe
E65 735i Saloon, Europe
E65 745i Saloon, Europe
E65 760i Saloon, Europe

E66: Details on E66
E66 730Li Saloon, Europe
E66 735Li Saloon, Europe
E66 745Li Saloon, Europe
E66 760Li Saloon, Europe

E67: Details on E67
E67 745LiS Saloon, Europe
E67 760LiS Saloon, Europe

E83: Details on E83
E83 X3 2.5i SUV, Europe
E83 X3 3.0i SUV, Europe

E85: Details on E85
E85 Z4 2.2i Roadster, Europe
E85 Z4 2.5i Roadster, Europe
E85 Z4 3.0i Roadster, Europe

JCW: Details on JCW
JCW C-Cup Coupé, Europe

R50: Details on R50
R50 Cooper Coupé, Europe
R50 One 1.4i Coupé, Europe
R50 One 1.6i Coupé, Europe

R52: Details on R52
R52 Cooper Convertible, Europe
R52 Cooper S Convertible, Europe
R52 One Convertible, Europe

R53: Details on R53
R53 Cooper S Coupé, Europe
Z3: Details on Z3
Z3 Z3 2.0 Roadster, Europe
Z3 Z3 2.8 Roadster, Europe
Z3 Z3 2.8 Coupé, Europe
Z3 Z3 1.8 Roadster, Europe
Z3 Z3 1.9 Roadster, Europe
Z3 Z3 2.2i Roadster, Europe
Z3 Z3 3.0i Roadster, Europe
Z3 Z3 3.0i Coupé, Europe
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