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Well it is after all Germany and everyone in the US expect people to always be driving fast here. Truth is the Greens and recent litigation from a few notorious accidents on the autobahn is forcing the polizei to change this policy.

Two excerpts from the news media illustrate this point:

News from The Polizei:
Almost every fifth vehicle speeding
“Unbelievable, but true” is what the Autobahnpolizei called the results of the speed check conducted Tuesday (19 October) between 1800 and 2400. Almost every fifth vehicle (more than 19 %) was speeding on A 6, Lautertal-Bridge direction Mannheim (between Kaiserslautern West and East).

3,377 vehicles were checked and 659 of them were going faster than the 80 km/h speed limit. 376 drivers were officially ticketed (going more the 20 km/h too fast) and 50 drivers will have their driving privileges suspended.

Top speed was 185 km/h – 105 km/h over the speed limit.

Now what the article didn’t say was the ability of drivers who have their privileges suspended to negotiate when that will happen. Some pick their month long vacation as the period they will go without driving privileges. Secondly, the individual who was exceeding the limit by 105 km/h wasn’t arrested on the spot, after all they had to conduct that survey, and if there is some discrepancy with the photo taken, he might get away with just a large fine.

Which leads to the next article as the government has had reasons to improve their methods of documenting violators of the law. Previously, motorcyclist have been almost exempt of fines since they only have tags on the rear and photos taken from head on couldn’t document the identity of the violator, so the next story emphasizes the new approach.

Polizei is increasing checks using new radar device

The local Polizei is using a brand new radar device to identify speeding violations.

On 30 September 2004, the “Polizeipräsidium Westpfalz” started using their new, high-tech radar device which cost almost 100,000 Euros. The new device is easier to use / set-up and increases the efficiency of identifying speeding violations.

About 20% of all serious traffic accidents in the Westpfalz area are caused by reckless, speeding drivers. During the last year, almost 40% of fatal accidents were caused by speeding. Therefore, speed checks conducted by the Polizei are considered an important tool in preventing accidents.

The modern technology of the ESO ES 1.0 radar device provides new options in the battle against speeding. It can be used in curves and works in both directions of traffic. In case of speeding motorcycles, it can take pictures of both the driver and the rear of the motorcycle with the license plate.

A picture of the new device and the article from the Polizei (in German) are at:

:byee55amg ken walls
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