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Hey ppl,

I need some help/advise out here with buying my first BMW, what i'm looking for is a M5 E39 between 1999-2003 :cheers:

As some of you know The Netherlands is a pretty expensive country to buy your car with our extra taxes (import, insurance, etc.)
So i figured out a plan to buy a M5 in Germany much less expensive and no "road load" cheaper insurence etc. ( I'm still a Dutchmen :biggrinbounce:)

The problem is not buying the car, financial matters and the german registration but, i dont have any experience with buying a car type like this especially a BMW.
i think there are enough BMW M5 lovers/owners on this forum :M5thumbs:who can warn me for the main problems a newbie doesnt recognize and can give me some basic advise.

So my question is what are the things i need to be aware when buying an BMW? (my question will be a FAQ on this forum i guess)
A friend of mine is a car mechanic only not experienced with BMW so he can help me out a little bit more while in the buying progress.

Like some standard technical issues, what are the most common parts that need to replaced after kilometers?

I really dont know what i have to ask, except the basic things where you should be aware of when buying a car. (maybe i should ask a BMW dealer for more info?) but the most experience is from this forum and the owners i think...
Maybe some people have suggestions or experiences which can help me out a little.

Thanks for your time when replying my Thread!

Greetz Lawrence!
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