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NEW Twin Supercharger Kit. 610hp bolt on

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NEW CA E39 M5 BI - COMPRESSOR "RA" CONVERSION <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>



How does a true “bolt on” 610 HP at the crank sound to you :eek: .…. Interesting…….mmmmmm Just what you’re looking for :M5launch: ……… Then this is for you.:cool2: <o:p></o:p>


Just released by CA-Automotive and offered first to you guys is the new “TWIN SUPERCHARGER KIT” for the E39 M5 <o:p></o:p>


This long anticipated kit is now a reality, and features twin Rotrex C30-74 with very discrete fitting and twin W/A intercoolers hidden in the original air boxes, All the electronics are featured with the kit and when mapped and sorted the kit gives and astounding 610hp at the crank for only 8 yes only 8hrs work. <o:p></o:p>


We will be doing this entire kit for and INTRODUCTIONAL PRICE of only £5900 + VAT + SHIPPING. This price will be for a limited number only, after that the recommend retail will be around £8500 + vat + shipping… <o:p></o:p>


We can also provide you with a suitable clutch and flywheel upgrade to go with this great kit. <o:p></o:p>


If you would be interested in purchasing one of these kits at this great introductional price. Please PM or send an email and we will happy to discuss any further questions you may have. <o:p></o:p>


Email: [email protected]<o:p></o:p>


We look forward to hearing from you <o:p></o:p>


Roy / Alex <o:p></o:p>

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This stacks up very well against the projected cost of the ESS single-blower kit which I had my name down for........I will speak to Roy and get further details.........Roger
Tin, just spoken to Roy about this, you and I need to have a discussion at some point again. I have asked Roy a load of questions that you will want answered, once I have the responses, I will come back to you.

ESS kit (single Vortech blower) will be available end-June, but at higher cost.

Hi Dave - just trying to work something out on the warranty front with this, and then we can chat.
Tin, couldn't see the dyno plot, could you email it to me please???
Thanks for the email Tin (although not received at the time of writing).Who's up for a trip to see Roy and go through all the detail?? He's still working out the aftermarket warranty details - there is no way I will proceed if I can't get cover for a £15,000 engine.
4th June lads - should give Roy plenty of time to iron out the nitty gritty.

Is this date any good??
Excellent - will drop Roy a line to let him know.
4th June is all confirmed for a mini-meet with CA Automotive. Tin/Dave/Piers and possibly Peter so far.
Sorry lads been away - 6-8psi is the guidance I have been given, both for the CA kit and the ESS single Vortech s/c kit due shortly.
Hope you are all still on for 4th June.


ps no word back yet on the warranty front from Roy.......
Thanks for all this Roy. I am still coming down on 4th June hopefully with Piers Tin and Dave (I know you probably won't take the plunge Dave, but I am sure you won't miss the opportunity for an M5 convoy to Gosport!) to go through the detail, to see how it stacks up with the ESS offering also due in June; if the delay in coming down to see you means I miss the introductory price, then so be it. It is more important to be 100% confident in the development work and to understand exactly what's involved, talk through the warranty etc etc..

OK thanks Roy, I'll do a little digging before our trip down on 4th. Tin, I hope you are still up for this (and the others too).

Maybe Shadowman will point us in the right direction, although I don't dare troubling him for such a mundane issues as the rear sub-frame!
OK great Fleet Services 10am. I reckon it's only about 50 miles, which is 19.4 minutes by my calculations.

Have sent an email to Roy to get the address Tin.
I think it is still worth coming down Roy as I have a long list of questions for you, many of which you will want to take with you on your trip to get answered if you haven't already had them answered.

Would be helpful if you have any update on the warranty front as well, as one of the previous posts suggest you would have something by now.

I will post in some detail when I have a chance.

Here in no particular order is the points I noted:

1. The suggestion was that there are no changes to the internals other than bigger injectors. Steel sleeves are being considered for another concurrent project they are running (capable of taking 800-900bhp), but not necessary for this particular application.
2. There will be no other changes that have to be made to install the kit, although throttle bodies, velocity stacks, headers, cats etc are suggested.
3. Clutch, brakes, suspension, rear sub-frame changes essential. Possibly also lightweight flywheel if you can put up with the clatter.
4. No changes to gearbox internals, differential, driveshafts etc.
5. Oil pump/other peripherals relocated? TBC, the development car is LHD, so RHD versions may require slightly different modifications.
6. Intercooling system/water injection system? TBC
7. 6-7psi application; no change to compression ratio
8. 610bhp on the dyno - delivery more akin to a turbo than a typical supercharger (see dyno plots previously posted); what we mean by this is that the delivery will be less linear with this install, so there will be a slight turbo-like kick in the back higher up the rev range, but not turbo lag per se.
9. Revs to be limited in top to protect the crank? TBC
10. Warranty? TBC.
11. 2 days' install approximately.

Tin/Steve please add anything I have missed.

As Tin says, there will be a lot more information in a couple of weeks after Roy's visit to the workshops.

Watch this space!

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Thanks Roy, mine's an '02 so that definitely includes me!


ps good to meet you finally at the weekend - thanks for your time long as it has Bryan's perspex windows Tin!!
Roy it was a custom fabrication by one of Discovery Automotive's afiliates - I believe they made 10 units, but not sure whether they have been sold.

My understanding is that Bryan's cracked perspex was replaced immediately by a thicker version which has been fine since.

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