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NEW Twin Supercharger Kit. 610hp bolt on

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NEW CA E39 M5 BI - COMPRESSOR "RA" CONVERSION <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>



How does a true “bolt on” 610 HP at the crank sound to you :eek: .…. Interesting…….mmmmmm Just what you’re looking for :M5launch: ……… Then this is for you.:cool2: <o:p></o:p>


Just released by CA-Automotive and offered first to you guys is the new “TWIN SUPERCHARGER KIT” for the E39 M5 <o:p></o:p>


This long anticipated kit is now a reality, and features twin Rotrex C30-74 with very discrete fitting and twin W/A intercoolers hidden in the original air boxes, All the electronics are featured with the kit and when mapped and sorted the kit gives and astounding 610hp at the crank for only 8 yes only 8hrs work. <o:p></o:p>


We will be doing this entire kit for and INTRODUCTIONAL PRICE of only £5900 + VAT + SHIPPING. This price will be for a limited number only, after that the recommend retail will be around £8500 + vat + shipping… <o:p></o:p>


We can also provide you with a suitable clutch and flywheel upgrade to go with this great kit. <o:p></o:p>


If you would be interested in purchasing one of these kits at this great introductional price. Please PM or send an email and we will happy to discuss any further questions you may have. <o:p></o:p>


Email: [email protected]<o:p></o:p>


We look forward to hearing from you <o:p></o:p>


Roy / Alex <o:p></o:p>

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rogbacon said:
This stacks up very well against the projected cost of the ESS single-blower kit which I had my name down for........I will speak to Roy and get further details.........Roger
cool, go for it! I'm seriously tempted too. we could have the uk equivalent of the DA twin's :thumbsup: black m5 & blue m5.. but RHD :M5thumbs:
Recieved a Dyno plot of the rotrex system compared with a stock m5.

Very interesting! :M5thumbs:
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morning, have sent it via email.
cool, thanks dave!

On looking at the dyno plot, the figures on the std m5, seem alittle high (550Nm torque/405hp) however it could just be a very good/strong example or due to the dyno road used... will be good to see the additional dyno plots in due course for comparison.

Certainly the twin-rotrex system looks very promising, looks very similar to the aa tuning setup, but Roy has said it is completely different and not based on theirs, as it isn't even finished/released. European cars will most likely have different ECU mappings anyhow, and will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Eagerly waiting for install pics.. :wroom: :hihihi:

The E55/RS6 will definately better watchout, da ///M is coming back with a big punch! :p
lol.. any other pics dude? please email me.. (add in profile). any of the whole engine bay?

that one looks near enough stock, except a few changes ;)
I sent it 5-10mins after you posted up? was to ya [email protected] acc. (Could be filtered down to your "Junk Mail" folder ;) lol their automated rules suck!

Sure, trip down to Roy's in Gosport would be cool, a saturday would be better for me though.

yep, allgood for me!
dmc said:
They prepped for 8-900 hp lovelove .. not 610.;)
yep, even dinan's s3 system, is pretty much a bolt on, no internal engine work required.. so in essence 600hp should be feasible..
gra8fuldd ed said:
Tin ... YOU are mostly correct about the Dinan Supercharger SC-3 Kit being Bolt-On and that Dinan will NOT Dive Into the internals of the M5 engine, (Unless you want their New Intake and Exhaust CAMS ... BUT ... As part of their SC-3 (Supercharger - 610hp) package they also add or include Headers, Larger Throttle Bodies, Different Tuned Velocity Stacks ... aka Trumpets, A New High Flow Ram-Air Intake, Dinan Stage 6 Software and the Free-Flow Exhaust System. They also include BUT probably does NOT directly add any Horsepower BUT will add Torque ... Is the Lighten Flywheel with a High Performance Clutch and the 3.45 Differential.

Dinan STRONGLY recommends that the Rear Subframe be reinforced due to the added torque of their Supercharger Package.

BTW ... Has anyone at CA-Auto mentioned why type of BOOST (PSI) they were looking at that would be omptimal for the M5 motor? What and where and HOW would they COOL things down in theri system?

Somehow ... Supercharging our motors doesn't really seem like a Do-It-Yourself on a sunny afternnoon type of "Bolt-On" modification!!

Just my .02

Hi Ed,

Yes, forgot to mention that Dinan's S3 requires the basics of the S2 to be inplace before putting on the supercharger+other bits. The rear diff, clutch, ecu mapping,headers/exhaust are pretty much fundamentals to their setup.

Roy mentioned that his twin rotrex kit ([email protected]) is based on a stock s62 m5 engine setup, std clutch,exhaust,diff etc. Knowing that the m5 has problems normally with the std clutch. He does recommend an aftermarket clutch system such as Spec/UUC etc.

My car has pretty much all the basics inplace already, headers/clutch/brakes (all similar to BlackM5/Rob's LeMans M5), so that is reassuring already. :)

I think the boost levels for this kit are low (compared to others),haven't been given any firm figures, as it is still is very much under development.

rogbacon said:
4th June is all confirmed for a mini-meet with CA Automotive. Tin/Dave/Piers and possibly Peter so far.
cheers, you forgot yourself ;) :flag:
foxyboym5 said:
reading this month's bmw car mag, to be safe they left blackm5's at mid 600's i believe, so im still sceptical.

anyway, i read with interest :byebye:
Should be feasible dude, the BlackM5's car still had a fair amount of mileage to be run in still, hence "safe" tests were made on low boost...
Alex/Roy, any news on whether the rear subframe needs to be reinforced?
bmwusa said:
Maybe I should get on this bus, 5900GBP's sounds like a good deal, I wonder how much AA will charge? Does anybody know if you ordered one in the states would it just be 5900 GBP's or would I have to pay the VAT and import duties? Josh
Josh, 5900GBP works out to be $10,832.95.. plus delivery and installation. No idea if you have pay any customs charges when importing into the US, but still at the price, very cheap compared to the other supercharger kits on the market. :typing:
dmc said:
1,100 GBP for the warranty(per year)
Where did you get this figure from?
Is the warranty not included with the kit itself at 5900GBP?

i've got all the other bits inplace ready to take a s/c, bar the rearframe reinforcement... means i'd have to lose my gruppeMs.. no more carbonfibre.. :sad2: and the s'cs will be hidden downbelow too... :3:

Roy, is the ECU programming done inhouse in the UK? or does the DME need to be sent off?

Does this quantity of 4 include the prototype cars with the s/c? ie you already have 3 m5's with this kit being tested before selling these 4 production kits?

What does the warranty cover?

Also Ed's question above:
Will this motor come apart at the "Seams" under Full Boost without lowering its compression ?

How much boost are these test m5's running?
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Roy, could you email/pm the link on the subframe strengthening please?

Also when do you anticipate this kit being available in production form? any rough guidelines? I'm aware your fairly busy with other projects etc (in particularly the 6series s62 kit). Is that using the same kit here?

thanks roy.

rogbacon said:
OK thanks Roy, I'll do a little digging before our trip down on 4th. Tin, I hope you are still up for this (and the others too).
Yep, still up for this.

Can't find any subframe links under Hamann7's id.. not much on this subject in the search archives about this, :confused:
is it a case of re-welding/double welding in key areas of the structure?

Anyone know what Dinan specifiy on their S3 Package?

Will try and dig out some pics of the underneath of an m5, whilst on a ramp
cool, thanks geez, got my car up on paving blocks at home at the moment, will take some nice close up pics of the whole area later today.
ok chaps,

lets organise a suitable meeting point, I think there is a service station on the m3 around junction 4 southbound (fleet services).

Or better still how about Runnymede hotel, egham? there was a bm3w meet there last year? clicky for location

time say 9am?

which route are you taking?
probably make it 10am, but will take 1.5hrs to get to CA in Gosport
lol.19.4mins! do you have the street address rog? i only know that its in gosport..
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