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NEW Twin Supercharger Kit. 610hp bolt on

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NEW CA E39 M5 BI - COMPRESSOR "RA" CONVERSION <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>



How does a true “bolt on” 610 HP at the crank sound to you :eek: .…. Interesting…….mmmmmm Just what you’re looking for :M5launch: ……… Then this is for you.:cool2: <o:p></o:p>


Just released by CA-Automotive and offered first to you guys is the new “TWIN SUPERCHARGER KIT” for the E39 M5 <o:p></o:p>


This long anticipated kit is now a reality, and features twin Rotrex C30-74 with very discrete fitting and twin W/A intercoolers hidden in the original air boxes, All the electronics are featured with the kit and when mapped and sorted the kit gives and astounding 610hp at the crank for only 8 yes only 8hrs work. <o:p></o:p>


We will be doing this entire kit for and INTRODUCTIONAL PRICE of only £5900 + VAT + SHIPPING. This price will be for a limited number only, after that the recommend retail will be around £8500 + vat + shipping… <o:p></o:p>


We can also provide you with a suitable clutch and flywheel upgrade to go with this great kit. <o:p></o:p>


If you would be interested in purchasing one of these kits at this great introductional price. Please PM or send an email and we will happy to discuss any further questions you may have. <o:p></o:p>


Email: [email protected]<o:p></o:p>


We look forward to hearing from you <o:p></o:p>


Roy / Alex <o:p></o:p>

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hi Guys , Roy here

sorry for lack of replies , just been busy .

Not much to update you on , but here goes :

- should have more images and dyno figures within 2 weeks
- we have been limited to just FOUR kits at the introductory price WE HAVE ALREADY SOLD ONE ! SO THREE LEFT ONLY AT THAT PRICE ...sorry we did try for more units but demand is too high . So after the four units price will be full retail . IF YOU WANT TO GUARANTEE YOUR KIT AT INTRO PRICE WE NEED A £1000 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT NOW .

- "intro"-customers will also have to participate in some kind of feedback routine with us (ie. interviewed by me & alutech), and be prepared that we might want to use pictures of your cars, customer quotes, etc. for promoting the final kit. Also please appreciate you are actually buyers of the very first kits and even though we will have run 3 test cars with the kit in hard tests for many miles with different fuels etc., there might be some minor development issues that haven't yet surfaced in our testing, thats is why this introductional cost kits exist, It's important customers understand this.
- it goes without saying we strongly recommend upgrading chassis , brakes and clutch to accomodate the power . We can quote for all this at discount to help out .
-I am sure you all know what you want , but for my 10pence worth here is the minimum upgrades we would like to see on the converted cars , I have added our suggested discounted prices against each item, all inc vat :

1. Stoptech 355mm front brake kit £1560.00
2. Spec St3 clutch kit ( ltw flywheel not included ) £525.00
3. Eibach springs £165.00

these prices apply in combination with supercharger kit sales ONLY , both the intro and retail kits.

Seems to me that by integrating an active autowerke CAIS , bigger Throttle bodies and velocity stacks , maybe even 100 cell cats etc that 650 bhp would not be too difficult to acheive .

Some of you may want to look into reinforcing the rear subframe , we can provide a link details form another M5 owner who has done this .

Hope the above is of help , as ever let me know any further questions


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hi all ,some more answers :

- if you check all the posts and info we have listed regarding these kit syou will see the warantee was ALWAYS an extra cost , and one we are still negotiating with the company concerned is NOT included in the charger prices

- this is a low boost pressure application , no need to de compress the engine

- we have 4 kits in total available for sale to the public at the lower intro price ....these do NOT include the test cars

- For US orders please contact Daniel at Beastpowerr .com

- for the first few conversions we will be sending the ECU s off for remapping and then re fit them to the converted cars

- Please note we are unable to provide a kit or parts for subframe strenghthening but can provide alink to such info

all the best
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rogbacon said:
Thanks for all this Roy. I am still coming down on 4th June hopefully with Piers Tin and Dave (I know you probably won't take the plunge Dave, but I am sure you won't miss the opportunity for an M5 convoy to Gosport!) to go through the detail, to see how it stacks up with the ESS offering also due in June; if the delay in coming down to see you means I miss the introductory price, then so be it. It is more important to be 100% confident in the development work and to understand exactly what's involved, talk through the warranty etc etc..

No problem at all roger , I still have 3 kits available at intro price . Look forward to seeing you all in June .

Re: roy and beastpower

hello, roy as per our conversation yesterday. i would like to be one of the first buyers of your kit. i understand that i have to go thru beastpower to obtain this kit, but will i still get the intro price and in the same time as others buying directly from you?

hmmm good point Sal ; I am not certain sorry , best to contact Daniel . Let me know what happens will you ? I asked Daniel thi smorning to give you a call regarding this issue .

HI Guys

- boost level is around 7 psi .
- Contrary to my post yesterday , Beastpower will not be offering this system , at least not yet ; I will reply soon as to whether CA can supply to the USA ; if we do you may have to refine our osftware map yourselves on a dyno as there are subtle differences between US and european parameters .


will be back as soon as we have more info
HI Emp

have sent you e mail today .

Things have changed a little sincemy last post , and CA can indeed now distribute these compressor kits to the USA , I have 4 kits left at the intro price .

Tin said:
Roy, could you email/pm the link on the subframe strengthening please?

Also when do you anticipate this kit being available in production form? any rough guidelines? I'm aware your fairly busy with other projects etc (in particularly the 6series s62 kit). Is that using the same kit here?

hi Tin

- M5 kit is not same as our M6 custom kit no
- Expecting delivery of first kits in 3 weeks, after testing
- will get subframe link asap

hi again
i cant find that subframe link now , but I do recall it was a forum member called HAMANN 7 , posted about a year ago

hope this helps , information is courtesy of beastpower
hi guys

just to let you know we are 2 weeks behind our own schedule on this kit because an intercooler part still has not arrived , really sorry guys
hi guys

just to be clear , we have no components or car at Gosport for you to see , let me clear on that as i dont want you guys coming down on the wrong assumptions.

We are working in conjunction with another european tuner on this, he has the test car and kit atthe moment , and I will be going over to see him and it and also the other V8 we are having built for the M6 project we also have on .

I am very happy to meet with you all still this weekend to discuss fitting , likely cost s, scheduling etc , or you may prefer to wait until we are more ahead on the test car and have the waranty issu emore wrapped up , I really dont mind either way , just let me know

rogbacon said:
I think it is still worth coming down Roy as I have a long list of questions for you, many of which you will want to take with you on your trip to get answered if you haven't already had them answered.

Would be helpful if you have any update on the warranty front as well, as one of the previous posts suggest you would have something by now.

no problem , will be my pleasure

hi guys

here is the latest update on the bi compressor kit :

M5 S/C DEMO is being put together now as we speak, a 02 car was also fitted last weekend and we found that the plastic upper plenum that came with the 02 models cannot
take the boost, (it cracked over 0.5 bar) so we need to provide modified pre 02' aluminum upper plenums in the kit for 02 and newer cars.

more updates soon , we are also looking into the Right hand drive issue
GUYS , out of interest shall I ask my carbon guy if he wants to make a higher volume cover in carbon with perspex window in it ?

Were you not saying how this cracked or something ?

Let me know if of interest
ok Tin , how bout you try and get a group buy for at least 5 unitsand see what we can do

what is the retail cost on the genuine item and who makes it again ?

I dont want to tread on daniels toes here as we are now representing him in UK
ok guys

I would need one of these originals to replicate ..can we get one does anyone know ?

the DEMO M5 Twin S/C is on the road :),

Premier this Saturday at a BMW meet abroad.

Needs refinement of the ECU mapping, and Pulley resizing - (pushed over 1 bar now) - NOT HEALTHY ....

Photos & some Video will be posted at the weekend hopefully

Also need to fit a wideband lambda and exhaust-temp before next week - then Dyno-time, more video from that of course. :)

getting closer .......
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we are flying over to see and photograph the demo car in about 2 weeks ....will post all about it soon as we are back


one thing we wont be doing is rushing these kits out just to be first .....road testing is everything .

Just look at what happened when all those other tuners rushed out their charger kits for the E46 M3 with only a few miles testing ....all those engines transformed into scrap .......:grrrrr: why do you think ACS withdrew supercharger kits for thi scar from Uk and other terretory sale ?

On the issue of warantee , we are talking to same company that underwrites the warantee schemes for ASA infinitas ....but itis along drawn out process that is taking much longer than anticipated ...we are working on it guys
my previous comment was not intended to be negative. sorry to have you take it the wrong way. i would want to buy anything that has not been tested and proved to work like our beasts. i appreciate that you guys are doing it the right way, instead of just jumping the gun.

:M5eyes: :happybirt
Not at all Emp , likewise apologies if I seemed to be "snapping "....I just wanted to re iterate our intentions regarding the kit

will be back with more news asap

to all
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