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well, after having an "incident" at the track a few weeks ago I decided that I couldn't risk ruining my semi-daily driver (97 m3) by stuffing it into another tire wall. The damage did however turn out to be much less than what I had originally thought (really just a couple of scratches and a bunch of rubber marks that came right out). So my thought was that I would get yet another car to drive around and keep the M3 for the track car (girlfirend seems to think it has become her car). I will get some pics up soon of the M3...but until is the new ride:

2000 M5 CPO
Carbon Black
39,xxx Miles
The power rear sunshade and power side mirrors have been getting a workout.

you will have to excuse the Jersey plates......I I haven't yet had time to register it in my name.....just got it friday. The pics kinda suck because I don't know how to take photos........I can assure you it is super clean in person. It "needs" an exhuast, possibly some updated headlights, and I beleive I have done a number on the clutch goes

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