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As with a lot of people on this forum I am extremely anal when it comes to my M5. I self maintain most of the time and I am a stickler for detail and any problems I have I can't really rest until they are rectified. As a result whenever I self service the car I pay for a BMW specialist to check her over and give me a list of items I should watch/sort out.

My list is as follows:

1 - Slight leak from o/s diff output shaft seal - after discussion, we decided it wasn't worth doing until the car needs a new clutch, and this might be a job for him rather than me.
2 - Slight leaf from diff input CV joint - as previous
3 - N/S/F brake hose twisted - this came up last time and we forgot about it. I have kept an eye on this and there are no indications of wear in the last 15k. However at the next fluid replacement I will replace this pipe at the same time. Although at first we were concerned, due to the lack of any change in 15k miles we'll do this when convenient now.
4 - Slight wear in alternator belt tensioner - I will have this on order next month to carry out the replacement, is it worth replacing anything else while there? I was going to do the belt at the same time.
5 - Small amount of grease leaking from rear upper control arm outer ball joints but no play - I will get these done when I have the brake pipe done.
6 - Very slight play in N/S/R anti roll bar link - I have already replaced both links
7 - Exhaust downpipe bolts rusted - new bolts on order for replacement
8 - O/S/R axle carrier bush safety plate distorted - has anyone done one of these? It looks easy to do and I have the part on order, any advice on how to proceed?
9 - Coolant strength stronger than normal - coolant sorted and strength now normal
10 - Recommend gearbox oil replacement - will do this at the same time as the brake pipe, fluid and also ball joints.

On my own list I have added

1 - Chain tensioner replacement (on next oil change)
2 - Replace rear PDC sensors (painted ones)

Generally speaking I think the car is in great shape, the specialist even commented that really it was hard to find anything wrong with it and it was mostly just nit picking.


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My thought is....I need to get under mine to check general rear seal/propshaft/diff situation, too many people mentioning slight leaks and issues around here than I would like. If that's all that's amiss chap, you've got a good one :)
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