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New spyshots M3 Sedan

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Ive really warmed up to the E90. When I first saw pictures they really didnt do it for me, but after being around one for some time and having put it through its paces, I am really impressed with the car. After driving it the looks really grew on me. Cant wait to see how the E90 M3 performs.
Hmm...well, I was thinking that the M5 would be a nice next car, but the E90 M3 is looking pretty attractive. I'm not totally sold on the looks, but it's better than what I expected and those numbers are really attractive. Either way, BMW has sold me on :flag:
M.O.B. said:
the e46s look exponentionally better
the car is diguised, i dont know how you can tell the E46 is better(yes i love the E46 M3). my point is wait and see the final production model.

Just me, thanks for posting, that really got me wet! :D

i can't wait to see this baby, it'll be so badass. i wonder when we will see the concept form....or atleast the production model in any show.

the M3 would greatly compliment my new E60 M5 ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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