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New RS6 8:09 around Nurburing?

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Sorry if this is a re-post, but according to Edmunds : "Stephan Reil, says it will turn a lap of the Nürburgring in 8:09, some 20 seconds faster than the previous-generation RS6."

That would make it about 4 seconds faster than the M5 Sport Auto tested. :grrrrr:
This means that the Sedan version will be even faster with 300lbs less weight. :eek:*
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+1 also wondering about this. I seem to remember an interview with Sabine, ring-taxi driver, that unofficially the taxi drivers are not allowed to go faster than 8-minute laps, but that she wouldn't acknowledge not having done it. To me, that means the E60 M5 is capable of sub-8 minute laps in the hands of a pro.

You are confusing Bridge to Gantry times (Sabine quote) and full lap times. Sabine and the other professional taxi drivers are not allowed to go faster than 8:30s BTG.

FYI 8:00 BTG equals about 8:30s full lap.

I doubt the new RS6 will be faster than the E60 M5, but it will be close...

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