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New Product Alert! OE+ Billet Power Steering Reservoir

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Every single BMW owner knows how ridiculously designed the BMW PS Reservoir is. It’s always weeping or leaking. I've changed my PS reservoir multiple times on my E92 M3, E39 M5, and E60 M5. I've used all the aftermarket solutions there are on the market and none of them work. I reached out to a few companies to see if they can design and produce something that actually works. During my research, I came across Waylon at EAE and I pitched the idea to him. I was ready to fund the project but it had to be a reasonable cost. Sure, there was a risk going into this project but after speaking to Waylon a few times, I was confident that he could pull this off. I've never met a Wiz like him in my life. He has been designing many complex and cool parts for the automotive industry for years now.


The EAE Lab PS reservoir ensures that there’s more capacity within the reservoir itself – 35 mL more. The cap is designed in a manner that ensures that the power steering fluid does not make it into the engine bay no matter how hard you track your car or drive on the streets. It also has a user-serviceable integrated filter. Finally, it is manufactured from the highest grade 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum that can be anodized to the color of your choice!

EAE Lab is done with the prototype and test phase of this project and is off to the Production stage now. Production will begin in the next 2-3 weeks. Since I funded this project, this PS Reservoir will be sold exclusively by my company. This is why the pricing will be extremely reasonable. To keep the costs down, I'm going to have to order 300 sets up front. I know most of you still have the OEM reservoir, make the jump now so all of us can benefit from the savings.

Follow this link to place your Pre Order. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or PM me. Thanks!

Initial Launch Price: $299.00


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$500 MRSP? Good luck.

Design is nice, can we replace the filter with on the shelf filter or do we have to order thru you guys? Also is there vent hole on the cap ?
My friend, the price is $299.00. Where did you get $500.00 from? Yes, if we ever have to order less than 300 sets at a time, the MSRP will be $449.00. But hopefully, that will never be the case, Everyone on this forum knows that I always sell products for the absolute lowest price possible. Otherwise, I don't carry them.

Yes, the cap is designed with a vent hole. It's the dual chamber design of the reservoir that allows the fluid not be turbulent. The only way the fluid can assess the secondary chamber is through a .3125" hole. this allows the fluid to remain calm where the vented cap is, allowing it not to wick into the vent itself. So you will never see any fluid outside the vent hole no matter how hard you drive the car.

Yes, it is an off-the-shelf filter. Waylon kept this in mind when designing it so it's affordable and accessible for anyone at any time. He spent hours on end just so that he can accomplish this.
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