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New on the block

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Just picked up my 08 M5 6sp today. Going to try and not mod it to much but there are things that need to be tended too. I mod my rides like I'm on crack and need a fix but going to try and go easy or at least slow, I hope. I see there are plenty people on this site the same way. Sweet Rides Here.....

Going to do alot more searching on all the wonderfull things to do to the car. Before posting my questions.

Things that need attention like yesturday:

Lowering kit of some sort, looks like its doing a wheelie.

Grilles need to be black

Lower front lip of some sort

Change the wood in the interior

Remove front plate holder and fill in the 2 holes


And then move on to other things.

Here's the ride, I'll be doing homework on the site for acouple of days. See whats what.

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Sorry to say but your addiction will continue! lol!
you'll get all the info u need on all these forums, posts and threads cus i did!
look @ all my posts and threads cus i had the questions u had.
Ride looks gud n enjoy!

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lol you just might be sicker than you know. You start out with the taking it slow line, because you know you're an addict, then slap down a list of crap that needs to happen like yesterday.

You'll fit right in here, brother. I started out pretty much like you on this car, thinking I was going to be Cool Hand Luke. Right out the frickin' window. Believe me, there are plenty here with the disease, and it's OK. The car needs modding, your behavior doesn't.

;- )



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Congrats and welcome! Based on your post, you will have that thing fully modded in the next year! Have fun!

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Thanks all. My mind is a mess with this ride on what to do it. I even have all 8 windows used up with just this site scrolling back and forth. I'm thumbing while even taking a dump. I'm not a bit message board jumper and this one seems to have all I need. I've have/had many a car but never ventured into the "M" world. This is going to be interesting.

I had to depart with this one bec our relationship wasn't working out very well. Had the car for 3 months.
Vossen Wheels

I think this M5 will be a very good for me. Well, going out to finger the car abit, make sure I know where everything is, how to switch everything off for fun filled driving when necessary. Maybe even give it a quick spritz detail.

Thanks again for the warm welcome and hope to see some of ya and visit some bimmer meets in the NYC tristate area. I'll also be hitting Etownraceway for my 1/4 mile fun with the rest of my fine fellow 1/4 mile racers. And swinging by the NJ Motorsports Park, hopefully.

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Congrats on the car and welcome! Soooo, how is that whole, "no modding" thing going? Let me know how it works out for you!! cherrsagai
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