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Hi everybody. I hope I am not intruding, as I don't own an M, but I am sure you guys know your stuff and I have had some really good help from other specialty forums in the past, such as I am a brand new, first time BMW owner of a 2005 545i with a SMG. The car is in great cosmetic shape, and besides, I could never afford a true M. I've always been big into cars, but I had to sell my daily driver to help my son through college, so I needed something inexpensive, but still with a style I liked.

Anyway, I test drove the car and everything was great. The car is very clean with no rust or leaks. I bought the car and drove it home without any issue. Once I got it registered, I took it out for a half hour drive and everything was great. The next time I got in the car, the CEL came on and gave an INCREASED EMISSIONS warning, and the car went into TRANSMISSION FAILSAFE MODE. The car starts and runs fine, but it is in neutral and will not go into any gear. So my excitement over finally owning a BMW 5 series took a big blow.

I checked all fuses and they appear to be ok. I climbed under the car and there are no leaks or any obvious visual problems. The previous owner told me that he had put in a new battery. I checked this with a Foxwell scanner and it did say that a new (lead acid) battery was put in and registered to the car in May, 2019. The scanner also gave me some codes. It has code 29FE (DME: Secondary air system) and 4F6F (SMG: Hydraulic pump activation).

PLEASE HELP! Any tips, ideas, things to check, direction to go would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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