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Hello all,

I'm Kevin from the Netherlands, I've just registered myself here so it's time to introduce myself. Before I start, my language is not perfect so I would like to apologise for this in advance.

I have bought my first bmw in 2011, which was an e28 520i automatic. It was cheap and wasn't perfect at all, but the low costs of the car made me buy it, because I didn't have much money. I registered myself at the Dutch e28 forum to gather information for some fixes I had to do on the car, and that's the moment I have got infected with the BMW virus. A lot of work was done to the car, a painjob and a lot of new parts made it look like new. After all the work I've sold the 520i, because I had found a new project: another e28, this time an 535i with S38B36 from the e34 M5. I took the whole car apart and put it together again after paintjob and a lot of new parts. My 535i only gets out of the garage when the weather is right and now during winter it's stored in the warm garage.

Because I don't want to use the e28 too much, I have an e39 525i as a daily driver. Very nice car and enough space for 2 kids and all the stuff that comes with them.

The main reason I have registered myself here, is because of my new project. Now the e28 is finished, I wanted a new project. The s85b50 v10 engine always had my interese, so I decided I wanted to do something with this engine. I have bought an e63 m6 which had an accident, so the front of the car has some damage. I am taking the car apart and keep the S85 with SMG and sell all the other stuff. Then I will start looking for a car where the engine should go in, I still haven't decided what car this will be. I have registered myself here to gather information about the S85 enigne, the SMG gearbox and the M5/M6 in general. Also, I hope I can help you guys with the parts I have available from my e63 M6, a lot of parts are compatible with other bmw cars.

Thanks in advance for al the information everyone shares on this platform and I hope we can help eachother!

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