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Good evening all!

I just wanted to say hello & introduce myself/my E39.

I'm David from the UK, running a rare Imola red '99 MVR V12 6.1 which I've owned since 2007. Sure it's not an M5 but the ample torque from the modified M73 combined with a 5 speed slushbox with paddle shift is sweet.

I'm considering a number of upgrades including a vented CF bonnet/hood, especially as the V12 mass would benefit from extra cooling, not that it overheats, even on nearly 50'C days here..

Also thinking about going black with my rims, a foil gloss black roof, twin conical air filters..

Next step is reprogramming after one of the MVR modified ECU'S shorted out..

This is not an every day car but always puts a smile on my face when I take it for a spin!

Anybody else running an MVR 6.1?

Cheers :)
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