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I have attached some scoop piccies taken whilst out in sunny Basvegas this lunchtime.
I stumbled upon the launch of the Chav-iots of fire Extreme exclusive body styling for discerning M5 enthusiasts. :1:
This work of art was bought to you from a disabled parking spot outside the exclusive Night club & dining facility at the Festival leisure park in Basildon Essex...

Now I know that Cyrus has been asking for views on wether he should put the facelift wide kidney grill & hood on his car.
After seeing this Automotive work of art, I wonder if just changing the front end is going to be enough...

Admittedly this beauty has not yet had 5 litres of Burberry check paint thrown at it yet but I have left a slip of paper under the wiper blade for the owner to send me a picture when its finished.




1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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