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Hi All, long time BMW fan and soon to be m5 owner. I've had e46 m3, 130i, 2 e30 318is, e30 325 touring, e39 535 among various other cars over the years and collecting an e61 m5 touring on Wednesday night. The owner, Felix, may well lurk these halls, I bought from him via M3Cutters where I'm sure there is some overlap.

I was looking for one of these or an e90 m3 saloon for nearly a year. The m5 has 78k, 3 owners and same owner for past 7.5 years. Still under BMW warranty which I will be taking over.

Overall the car is immaculate and only change from stock are Hayward & Scott back boxes which sound great, "not too asbo"

My only concerns are of course the dreaded running costs but I only do 4-5k per year so not a massive concern and it's a decent way to tick the v10 box and also keep the family happy.

Roll on Wednesday and will update when I've had it for a week or so and got used to any quirks. Look forward to getting to grips with the car.

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