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Hi everyone, just saying hi! New e60 m5 owner, coming from an e39 535i v8.
I have possibly made a mistake and got a m5 spares or repair with the abs lights on and a misfire in cyl 2 (came to show after I bought the car)
Paid £8000, cars worth about 17000 usually.
I will likely be here asking questions and I will let everyone know how I go.. firstly I am tackling the abs lights and getting an mot, the misfire I will sort out after.
Abs error comes up as 5df5, internal error so I am looking at having my unit rebuilt.
I can turn off engine light for misfire but it comes back on after a while. I will attempt swapping coil and spark plug over in hope the misfire moves, will the look at injectors and then compression.
Hopefully will get somewhere with the car! I will be doing all or at least moat of the work myself ad a fully qualified mechanic who builds cars for a living!
Look forward to having a fully working car!
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